Training future scientists in imaging neurodegeneration is one of TNL’s major missions. In order to innovate in the field of imaging neurodegeneration, we nurture and employ a diverse and multidisciplinary team. 

Opportunities for M.Sc., MD., Ph.D. and post-doctoral fellows

Outstanding young academics interested in neuroimaging and neurodegeneration are encouraged to apply for positions in our laboratory. Due to the multidisciplinary activities in the lab, we accept students with academic degrees such as biochemistry, chemistry, computer science, statistics, engineering, mathematics, neuroscience, physics, economics, pharmacology, psychology and medicine.

Further information can be found at:

The McGill Integrated Program (IPN) in Neuroscience

The McGill Psychiatry graduate program


Undergraduates and summer students

Undergraduates are fully involved in our research and academic activities. Undergraduates should indicate a desire to conduct research either on in vivo imaging (human or experimental models) or post-mortem techniques. We accept applications from other countries. Please send applications to the

Non-academic volunteers are welcome to join our efforts. Please submit an application to:

Estudantes parte do programa Ciência sem Fronteiras (CSF) são muito bem-vindos neste laboratório.
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